About Mulakat Hall

Mulakat Hall is an event holding space, located in the quiet area of Thornton Professional Center. This space is available all the days of the week. It is a full-service hall and can provide all the services for an event ranging from decoration to photography to DJ music. It is a one-stop shop so that one can move in and out of the venue, enjoying his event fully being with friends and family. For corporate events, we provide full smart solutions with coffee, tea, snacks, luncheon or dinner. Full-screen projectors, TV’s, conference hall and other solutions are also available.


This is an ideal place for holding events such as birthday parties, engagement ceremony, weddings, kitty parties, meetings arrangements, concerts, social gatherings, graduation parties, get-together parties, retirement parties, farewell parties, corporate and business events, conference arrangements, fundraiser events, recital events etc.

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